The Bolton Wanderers FC project, in collaboration with Arena Creative, aimed to celebrate the club's rich history and iconic players through the installation of various signage elements throughout the stadium. As the signage contractor, our team was responsible for supplying and installing sign trays, wall graphics, window graphics, modular post signs, and foamex display boards, all strategically placed to showcase the club's heritage and engage fans.

Sign Trays were strategically positioned around the stadium, serving as informative and visually appealing signage. These sign trays not only provided essential wayfinding information but also incorporated Bolton Wanderers FC branding elements, creating a cohesive visual experience for fans as they navigate the stadium.

Wall Graphics played a vital role in creating an immersive and inspiring atmosphere. Iconic moments, legendary players, and memorable achievements were brought to life through captivating designs and visuals applied to the walls. These wall graphics served as a visual tribute to the club's history and instilled a sense of pride among fans. Window Graphics were utilised to further enhance the stadium's visual appeal and reinforce the club's branding. These graphics showcased images of celebrated players, historic matches, and significant milestones, creating an engaging experience for fans both inside and outside the stadium.

Modular Post Signs provided clear and concise wayfinding information throughout the stadium. These signs were strategically placed to guide fans to different areas while incorporating imagery and branding elements that pay homage to the club's legacy.

Foamex Display Boards played a central role in showcasing the club's history and iconic players. These boards, strategically dotted around the stadium, displayed images, facts, and stories that highlight the club's heritage and celebrated achievements. They served as informative and visually captivating displays, allowing fans to immerse themselves in the rich history of Bolton Wanderers FC. Through collaboration with Arena Creative, our team successfully delivered a comprehensive signage package that celebrated the club's history and engaged fans.

The sign trays, wall graphics, window graphics, modular post signs, and foamex display boards collectively created an immersive and memorable experience for visitors and fans, fostering a deep connection between the club's past, present, and future. This project reflects our expertise in signage design and installation, as well as your commitment to capturing the essence of Bolton Wanderers FC and its dedicated fanbase.

Project Overview