DWF is a renowned global legal business with offices around the world, offering a wide range of legal services to clients across various industries. As part of their commitment to providing a modern and inspiring workspace, DWF engaged with Overbury to transform their offices in Edinburgh.

As the signage contractor for the project, our team was tasked with supplying and installing a range of signage elements to enhance the visual appeal, branding, and functionality of the office space. To make a lasting impression and reinforce the company's brand identity, our team installed Illuminated Signs throughout the office. These eye-catching signs showcased the DWF branding with a touch of sophistication, creating a professional and visually captivating environment for both employees and visitors.

In addition to the branding signs, our team incorporated Sign Trays strategically placed throughout the office space. These sign trays played a crucial role in providing clear wayfinding information, ensuring that employees and visitors could easily navigate the premises and locate their desired destinations. To further enhance the functionality and informative aspect of the office, hanging Foam Boards were strategically positioned. These boards displayed important messages, announcements, or relevant information, serving as informative and visually engaging communication tools within the workspace.

Through a collaborative effort with Overbury, the DWF offices in Edinburgh underwent a remarkable transformation, aligning with the professional and innovative nature of the company. The Illuminated Signs, Sign Trays, and Foam Boards collectively contributed to a visually striking and highly functional signage solution that embodies the essence of the DWF brand.

Project Overview