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Illuminated Signs

Illuminated Signs

Light Up Your Brand with Our Illuminated Signs

We produce nine styles of illuminated signs suitable for a range of purposes and looks. Many of the illuminated signs that we manufacture can be made to your exact specifications in terms of size, colour and design, for signage that fits your requirements exactly. We manufacture our illuminated signs using the best materials and state-of-the-art machinery, and they are finished to a very high standard. Illuminated signs are designed primarily for outdoor usage and are robustly built to withstand all weathers and are fitted with outdoor rated electrical components. Many of our illuminated sign options can be delivered in very short timeframes, and we offer a professional design service, as well as a professional installation service if required. Call today to discuss your order or to arrange a quote.

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  1. View of wall mounted light box sign

    Wall Mounted Lightbox Signs

    Wall mounted lightbox signs are easily visible when it is dark and can be designed to the exact dimensions that you require. These signs are illuminated using high bright LED modules that are low voltage, energy efficient and very long-lasting. You can opt to have your wall mounted sign supplied in a silver anodised finish, or powder coated in any standard RAL colour.
    Available starting at: £300.00
  2. Image of an Illuminated Tray Sign in situ

    Illuminated Tray Signs

    Illuminated tray signs are one of our best-selling and most popular products due to their versatility and inexpensive cost. Our illuminated tray signs use folded aluminium or steel trays that are stencil cut then backed using a high quality opal acrylic which is illuminated using high bright LED modules that are low voltage and energy efficient.
    Available starting at: £350.00
  3. Image of LED Effect Neon Sign

    LED Neon Effect Signs

    Available in a range of profiles and depths, LED neon effect signs use low voltage LEDs that run cool to the touch making them a safe neon sign alternative if your sign is in a position where it might be touched. We use high quality LED modules that deliver bright and clear illumination free from spotting, and our neon effect signs have a high gloss finish for a realistic glass look.
    Available starting at: £400.00
  4. Face Illuminated 3D Lettering Sign

    Face Illuminated 3D Lettering

    Face illuminated 3D lettering lets your business shine day or night and is a popular choice for the hospitality industry, shop front signage, and office premises. An illuminated sign is a great way of adding visual impact to your façade, and making sure that your business is putting its best face forward 24/7. We use LED modules that are high bright and low wattage to ensure great illumination at very reasonable running costs.
    Available starting at: £80.00
  5. Example of halo 3D illuminated lettering signage

    Halo Illuminated 3D Lettering

    Halo illuminated 3D lettering is incredibly effective and is a popular choice for a whole host of purposes and businesses including commercial and business premises, restaurants, bars, and shop signage. In this type of signage your bespoke lettering is fitted with LED modules that create a halo effect of lighting that’s reflected behind each individual letter. We offer a variety of lighting colour choices, as well as colour changing LEDs.
    Available starting at: £100.00
  6. Image of neon light sign

    Custom Neon Signs

    We handcraft our neon signs using custom made traditional neon that is mounted within an acrylic case for easy and secure installation. Our signs typically use the same amount of energy as a standard 60w lightbulb, and can last in excess of 10 years if maintained properly. Each neon sign is supplied with a standard three pin plug that is used in a standard electric mains socket.
    Available starting at: £400.00
  7. Trough sign lighting in situ

    Sign Lighting

    Sign lighting ensures that your sign can be seen after dark too. Trough lighting is more cost efficient than installing an illuminated sign, and can be retro-fitted to your existing signage. Trough sign lighting can be made in any length (lengths over 5 meters are fixed together) and the powerful LED modules are capable of down-lighting signs up to 2.5 meters.
    Available starting at: £150.00
  8. Side view of projecting lightbox sign

    Projecting Lightbox Signs

    Projecting lightbox signs are designed to provide full-face illumination and sit at right angles to your premises. The signs use light diffusing acrylic panels illuminated by LED modules that are long-lasting, low voltage, and energy efficient. Your sign can be designed in a sleek silver anodised finished, or powder coated in any standard RAL colour.
    Available starting at: £300.00
  9. View of illuminated projecting tray sign

    Illuminated Projecting Tray Signs

    We can manufacture illuminated projecting tray signs to suit your exact requirements. Each sign is created from a folded piece of robust aluminium and your design is routed out of the panel, backed with an opaque acrylic panel and illuminated using high lumen LED modules that backlight the design to great effect.
    Available starting at: £400.00

The Benefits of Illuminated Signs

Illuminated signs are a fantastic way of ensuring that your shop or business premises is visible day or night. We offer seven great illuminated sign choices, with options suitable for a whole host of purposes. Most of our signs are suitable for outdoor usage and have been manufactured to very high standards so that they can cope with the great British weather whilst still working perfectly and looking great for years to come. Our signs are all energy efficient and are manufactured to be fully compliant with outdoor electrical safety standards (if made for outdoor usage).

Energy Efficient

All of our illuminated signs are powered by low voltage, energy efficient, high bright LED modules for a safe and cost effective solution.

High Visual Impact

Illuminated signage is the perfect way to add visual impact to your premises and get your business noticed day and night.

Bespoke Design

All our illuminated signs are hand crafted in the UK and manufactured to your specific design to make sure your sign is completely unique.

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