The Womble Bond Dickinson project, in collaboration with Overbury, took place in Newcastle and involved the transformation of their office space. As a signage contractor, our team was responsible for supplying and installing various signage elements to enhance the visual appeal and branding of the office.

One of the key features of the project was the Halo Illuminated Logo Sign. This striking signage solution showcased the Womble Bond Dickinson logo in a captivating and eye-catching manner. The halo illumination added a touch of sophistication and ensured clear visibility, making a bold statement about the company's brand identity.

To further enhance the overall atmosphere, Wall Graphics were utilised throughout the office space. These graphics, using high-quality materials, featured captivating designs and visuals that reflected the values and branding of Womble Bond Dickinson. The wall graphics not only added a touch of personality and creativity but also contributed to a visually engaging environment for employees and visitors alike.

Window Manifestations were another integral part of the project. These manifestations not only provide privacy and security but also served as an opportunity to incorporate branding elements and reinforce the company's visual identity. The window manifestations added a touch of professionalism and consistency to the overall aesthetic of the office space. Through careful collaboration with Overbury, our team successfully delivered a visually appealing and cohesive signage package for Womble Bond Dickinson in Newcastle.

The Halo Illuminated Logo Sign, Wall Graphics, and Window Manifestations collectively contributed to creating a professional and branded environment that accurately reflected the values and identity of the company. This project is a testament to our expertise in signage design and installation and our commitment to delivering high-quality solutions for clients.

Project Overview