WSP is a global professional services firm that offers engineering, design, and consultancy services to clients in various sectors.

Sign Supplier was commissioned to supply various wraps and graphics to the office space of WSP in Newcastle. The brief for this project was to print and install vinyl wraps to approximately 60 meters of lockers and store wall, 23 door faces, wall artworks, and door signs.

Despite the project's short lead time, Sign Supplier's team of experts was able to deliver high-quality products and services that met WSP's expectations. From the initial contact made on Thursday, to the site visit on Friday, and the completion of the project the following Friday, Sign Supplier's team worked efficiently and effectively to ensure that the project was completed on time and to a high standard.

Items installed include Architectural Vinyl Door Wraps, High Tack Vinyl Locker Wraps, Contour Cut Wall Artworks, Acrylic Door Signs, and Sliding Door Signs. The Architectural Vinyl Door Wraps and High Tack Vinyl Locker Wraps were expertly crafted and installed to provide a seamless and professional appearance across the doors and storage units. The Contour Cut Wall Artworks added a touch of personality to the walls, while the Acrylic Door Signs and Sliding Door Signs provided clear branding and visibility throughout the space.

The completion of this project to a high standard is a reflection of Sign Supplier's commitment to excellence in signage design and installation. Despite the short lead time, the team was able to deliver high-quality products and services that exceeded WSP's expectations. The result was a cohesive and engaging signage system for their office space in Newcastle.

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