The Highways England project was a two-site piece of work that involved the manufacture, supply, and installation of a variety of internal and external signage at their offices in Leeds and Newton-le-Willows. The two office sites house Highways England staff and so the brief was to create high quality signage to be used for external wayfinding, as well as internal branding. Highways England have strict corporate branding guidelines so our team worked closely with the design team at Highways England to ensure that we created and sourced internal and external signage that adhered to their corporate guidelines. They were keen to create internal and external signage that worked well together, so many of the branding elements used on the internal branding were used on the external wayfinding signage to create internal and external cohesion.

To meet all of their signage needs and make the most out of their distinctive branding, we supplied and installed a range of signage and branding products including:

The project was completed well within the estimated one-month timeline that we had agreed with the client, and this included the manufacture and installation of the signage and branding required for both sites. The Highways England project was a great example of the value that well thought out branding guidelines bring to a project during the design phase. The client was very clear about how the end product should look making it very easy to interpret and meet their expectations.

Project Overview