The Channel 4 project, in collaboration with Overbury, brought a playful and captivating atmosphere to their temporary site offices in Leeds. Our team embarked on a creative journey to infuse the space with the essence of Channel 4's popular TV shows by designing captivating artwork featuring show titles and imagery.

To transform the temporary site office walls and tables, we applied vinyl coverings showcasing show titles and imagery inspired by Channel 4's iconic programs. These vinyl coverings added a dynamic and visually appealing touch to the environment, creating an engaging and vibrant atmosphere for employees and visitors alike.

In addition, we designed and installed eye-catching window graphics at the top of the glass building. These graphics featured captivating imagery and visuals associated with Channel 4's shows, enhancing the exterior aesthetics and making a bold statement about the network's diverse and exciting programming.

The collaboration between our team, Channel 4, and Overbury resulted in a temporary site office that truly captured the spirit of Channel 4. By incorporating show titles and imagery, we successfully created an environment that exuded the network's creativity and showcased their range of programming.

Project Overview

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