For the signage fit-out project with Furza in Salford, our team had the privilege of working directly with them to create a visually stunning and branded workspace. We collaborated closely to design and install various signage elements, including internal window graphics, wall graphics, flat-cut letters, and neon signs.

To transform the internal space and reinforce Furza's brand identity, we meticulously designed and installed captivating internal window graphics. These graphics added a dynamic and visually appealing touch to the office, creating an immersive and engaging environment for employees. Within the office space, we integrated impactful wall graphics that reflected Furza's values, culture, or desired themes. These wall graphics served as focal points, creating an inspiring atmosphere and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the workspace.

To further reinforce Furza's brand identity, we installed flat-cut letters that prominently displayed their logo or other important branding elements. These three-dimensional letters added a professional and polished look to the office, effectively reinforcing Furza's presence throughout the space. To make a bold statement and infuse the workspace with vibrancy, we strategically placed neon signs. These illuminated signs added a touch of creativity and excitement, showcasing key messaging or drawing attention to specific areas within the office.

Working directly with Furza allowed us to fully understand their vision and tailor our signage solutions to their specific needs. Through the installation of internal window graphics, wall graphics, flat-cut letters, and neon signs, we successfully created a visually stunning and cohesive workspace that truly embodied Furza's brand identity and values.

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