The HMRC project was a large-scale signage and branding package that involved the manufacture, supply, and installation of signage across eight floors of HMRC's offices at Trinity Bridge House in Manchester City Centre. The project aimed to accommodate staff relocating from various local tax offices around the North West of England. As such, it was key that the branding should include imagery and artwork to represent the various associated locations.

To deliver on the project's requirements, our team worked closely with designers from Overbury to source and create a variety of designs that would accurately reflect HMRC's brand and incorporate the various associated locations. The project was phased and carried out floor by floor over a 12-month period to minimise disruption to HMRC's operations.

Items supplied and installed include:

Throughout the project, our team's attention to detail and use of high-quality materials ensured that the final result was a stylish and cohesive signage system that accurately reflects HMRC's brand identity and values. The collaboration between your team and Overbury resulted in a seamless and efficient signage installation process, minimising disruption to HMRC's operations, and ensuring timely completion. 

Project Overview